Unearthed/Mineral Monsters/Crystal Robots Edit

Special crystals can transform into ancient robots. They were mysteriously buried thousands of years ago. When discovered by modern humans, they become reanimated. They are now needed and have been awakened by an invading power. Their planet is in danger.

Crystals have always been important to humans as a special connection to the beauty of Earth.

Amethyst is a purple quartz crystal, considered the stone of the higher mind, or the stone of intuition.

Citrine is a yellow to brown quartz crystal that represents success, abundance, power, and money.

Rose Quartz is a pink quartz crystal, and it is thought to help find love.

Part of the importance of crystals to new age and metaphysical believers comes from the fact that crystals, like quartz or other gemstones, can amplify energy. They are used in watches, radios, and jewelry/prisms to show display light. It's thought that this same energy amplification can be used to increase physic abilities or connection to others.

Just some basic ideas! Feel free to add more or comment!