Basics Edit

Star Sprites are monsters that grow inside special light bulbs. The filament of the bulb is shaped vaguely like a fetus and it grows once it's been cared for. As it gets big enough, it breaks through the bulb and takes on a physical form. These Sprites are created from the essence of different stars and they are able to communicate with their star and with humans.

Stars are sentient beings that interact with each other in ways that are not visible to humans. There is a faction of stars (tentatively called Star Faction lol) that are planning on destroying Earth's sun and therefore killing all life on Earth. In an effort to prevent this, a group of humans are sending Star Sprites in floating lanterns across the planet to be raised by humans in order to convince the Star Faction that Earth has a lot of good to offer and should not be destroyed.

This story is initially told from the human perspective, where mysterious floating lanturns suddenly fill the sky and people find them once they land and end up raising a strange light based creature. As the story progresses, these people learn more about the origin of the star sprites and they encounter a cult of people being controlled by the Star Faction who want to destroy the sun. The mystery of why our sun in being prosecuted in the first place will eventually be revealed.

Technical Details Edit

Each sprite contains a tiny piece of a star. This is considered their "mother star" and they can communicate and draw additional power from that star if needed. There are also other star sprites that have the same mother star, so they are related to each other.
The Star Faction does not like the idea of humans raising star sprites, so they have controlled a cult of humans and are using them to create their own star sprites.

Star Sprites can take on the form of other animals and even people if they have enough energy available. As they power up to fight, their appearance becomes more and more alien, because they need to use that energy for attack, defense, speed, etc.

Temporary fusion between a human and a sprite is also possible where the human has access to the star sprites power. This essentially creates a super human for a short amount of time, but it uses a lot of that mother star's power.