Welcome to the MyMUIS Wiki

This is an open and user generated collaboration. Our goal is to develop MyMUIS: Multi-User Interactive Stories. Please contribute and invite your friends!

Everyone deserves to be a part of something larger than themselves. School and work are one thing, but this open collaboration allows anyone to take part in a creative process run by a very determined team. Personal side projects are wonderful, but they take a ton of determination in order to make them successful. This is almost a blend of a side project with traditional User Generated Content like posting on social media, review sites, or commenting on videos. You get to express your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and advice, but the project's success is carried by all of us, not any one person alone. Oh, and there's the compensation! Top contributors will be financially compensated, and all contributors will be entered into raffles and given various prizes every week!

Anyone who contributes even one word to this wiki will be entered into the raffle for this coming week! This first prize will be 5 scratch off lottery tickets! Yahoo!

We need writers, programmers, artists, and other skilled contributors! Please contribute and invite your creative friends to join in on the action! Add whatever you see fit, but don't delete other contributions. Have fun!

As far as I know this open collaboration for creating fiction is a new idea and I think it could eventually expand beyond MyMUIS! If you have any ideas for a new name for this system, check out our System Name page!

If you would like to learn more about MyMUIS, please visit!

If you have questions, suggestions, or comments about this collaborative environment, check out our collaboration page!

For Writers

If you've ever had an idea, or are available to brainstorm a few, you can post it here and see it grow into a fully developed interactive story! Anything is welcome, from a tiny character trait to a major world building idea or story arc.

Writing Details so you can see how this whole thing works!

Super basic Guidelines for writing MUIS!

MUIS Ideas is the page where you can view our team's work and add your own ideas for stories.

For Programmers

If you are interested in a new experience and would like to be a part of this new medium, we are definitely in need of assistance! I want to develop this app for iPhone, Android, and HTML 5.

User Experience

Latest activity

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